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 Precise, quantified morphology for medical image analysis

Huge numbers of medical images are produced each day, and each image must be analysed carefully and accurately.  To contribute towards this goal, imorphics provides software tools produced at  the leading edge of medical image analysis, and makes them available to clinical research teams throughout the world.

Our technology uses proven statistical techniques, but applies them in novel ways.  This produces software solutions which are  independent of image modality, and can be used in many different disease states.   Our active projects include work on diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the central nervous system and oncology.  Additionally, our  new technology group is continually finding new ways to extend the use of statistical models

Imorphics' technology has many possible uses including


Automatic segmentation


Object registration, without needing to register images


Development of new biomarkers, such as 3-dimensional shape change


Analysis of existing data

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